I am an internationally renowned fetish model, film-maker, and a vastly experienced dominatrix.

As a fetish model, I have appeared in (and on the covers of) countless magazines, books, films, websites, advertisements, catalogues, and flyers. I have starred in around 300 fetish and BDSM films, both internet-media and DVD releases. I have been the face of London Fetish Weekend for the last couple of years. My [ fetishfoto.co.uk ] website, with Peter Felix Kurtz, is the official media sponsor of London Fetish Weekend.

As an internationally respected domme, I have an inexhaustible passion, wide experience, and thorough knowledge of fetish and BDSM. I have sessioned alongside famous dommes from around the world, and have particular obsessions for latex, heavy rubber, strap-ons, high heels, bondage, chastity, verbal and physical humiliation, psychological and financial domination, corporal punishment, and single-tail whips, to name but a few.

If you wish to contact me, start by joining my members site [ fetishfoto.co.uk ] and respectfully email me from there.

Mistress Hannah Price

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